About Us!

MediQlogix provides hospitals and healthcare organizations with IT (Information technology) solutions for Quality and Safety measures using SaaS (Software as a Services) or Internal Single Install Systems. The company is founded by a principle that to improve healthcare delivery, an organization must address the quality and safety issues to avoid decease complications and re-admits due to poor management of Quality within the organization.

Quality and Safety.
At MediQlogix, we believe that information and data tools play a critical role in improving the quality and safety excellence within the organization. We also believe that a Healthcare Organization which is open to invest in information technologies and work with physicians to develop charts and processes build excellence in Quality & Safety standard will stand out as a leading healthcare organization.

MediQlogix wants to be your partners in excellence and enhance your capabilities in servicing the patient population.

Financial Benefit
MediQlogix’s team believes that for a hospital to be financially successful, the organization needs to excel in clinical quality & patient safety management. By addressing the errors in the clinical procedures before they can occur - a hospital can control costs in daily procedures, increase profitability by reducing LOS (length of stay) and reduce re-admits.

MediQlogix software is developed based on “evidence based” medicine concepts and is “data” driven to identify missing quality data for corrective action. The “MediQM” software platform is designed to extend it’s capabilities beyond quality management in to – financial performance of the units, care management, supply chain management which in turn contribute to the bottom line of the organization.


MediQlogix’s software technology products are developed on technology platforms for easy integration with your existing IT systems (Ex: COPE, Nursing, RX and Lab) in addition to an being a platform based technology for future enhancement. The MediQlogix’s technology is also available on on SaaS model, which is designed with flexibility to implement systems at a large hospital group.

MediQlogix software “MediQM” is designed with the customer in mind – a single user interface (screen) which allows the user to easily display required information – be it current status of a data related to patient quality matrix or performance of the Organization.