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Cloud solutions to the Hospital and Healthcare organizations.


Provides Mobile services for Hospital Quality, Education and Hospital safety.

Experts in Hospital Quality providing solutions to improve profitability.

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Why drinking coffee cuts diabetes risk
Numerous studies have shown that coffee protects against type 2 diabetes. Yet no one has really understood why.

Now, researchers at UCLA have discovered a possible molecular mechanism Read More>

Taking steps everyday keeps diabetes away
LA new study has suggested that simply taking more steps every day not only helps ward off obesity but also reduces the risk of diabetes.

While previous studies have shown that physical activity reduces body mass index and insulin resistance - an early Read More


MediQlogix provides hospitals and healthcare organizations with IT (Information technology) solutions for Quality and Safety measures using SaaS (Software as a Services) or Internal Single Install Systems. The company is founded by a principle that to improve healthcare delivery, an organization must address the quality and safety issues to avoid decease complications and re-admits due to poor management of Quality within the organization.

Helathcare Quality
At MediQlogix, we believe that information and data tools play a critical role in improving the quality and safety. more
Financial Benefit
MediQlogix’s team believes that for a hospital to be financially successful, the organization needs to excel in quality & patient safetyt. more,
Data Analytics
MediQlogix provides Big data and data analytics to improve Health Safety, Profit Margin and Customer Satisfaction. more
Cloud Technology
MediQlogix provides Cloud solutions to the Hospital and Healthcare organizations.. more