Hospital Quality Consulting

For a profitable Health care system delivery management, it is important for a Hospital or Hospital Systems to develop quality metrics using information available within your non integrated or integrated IT systems. Collection of data for health care facilities is a challenging & continuously changing science. It is imperative to have several quality measurements to form the most complete picture of hospital’s total quality care. Our methodologies focus on Hospital’s ability to compile and retrieve such complex data so as to provide best possible health care.

Our software and portal integration helps hospitals to comply with Center for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS) guidelines and JCO requirements. One of the CMS initiatives is to improve Hospital Quality Initiative (HQI) whose goals are to improve the patient care provided by hospitals, to provide quality information to consumers and others. This not only reduces costs of healthcare delivery but improve overall profitability.

Through our well documented consulting methodologies we help our partner hospitals to improve Quality Metrics which in turn provide best patient care while the patient is still in the hospital. Though the standard consulting model is shown below, we customize out approach to each individual hospital needs to hospital systems.

Quality Consulting

Once your hospital decides to comply with the standards like CMS, joint commission guidelines we will help you with our proprietary software portal built with the help of decades of expertise of leading medical professionals whose anecdotal knowledge has gone in to designing the portal.

Our focus includes different aspects of treatment for a heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, or having surgery. Our support includes keeping your quality process up to date. CMS also announces new measures and retires existing measures. This is another important area for you to stay continuously tuned in to latest expectations and guidelines.

At the end, using our software methodology we will help you stay on the top of quality indicators that automatically reflects in enhanced patient care, optimize costs and minimize readmissions thereby increasing profitability of hospitals.
Our services also include continuous audit and feedback which is very important in sustaining the quality initiatives.